Midterm Internal Evaluation Of The “Regional Programme Against Human Trafficking (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus) Phase Ii”

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Date published
31 Jan 2019
Evaluation-related, Protection, human rights & security
Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova

This internal mid-term evaluation of the Regional Programme Against Human Trafficking (RPaHT 2) implemented in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Belarus was commissioned by the IOM Mission in Ukraineto review the project’s performance and achievements to date, to identify best practices and aspects that could be improved, as well as to propose any correctional/additional/follow-up activities, as necessary and depending on resource availability. Based on the lessons learnt, needs identified and good practices developed in the first phase of the project (CT.0795), the second phase aims to strengthen cooperation and dialogue in the sphere of combating human trafficking through regional exchange of knowledge, experience and best practice between Governments and civil society in targeted countries.