GeoPoll Update on Russia’s War in Ukraine

Bodine, F.
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Date published
21 Nov 2022
Conflict, violence & peace

The war in Ukraine continues. Almost nine months of fighting have resulted in untold death and destruction. After suffering several setbacks on the battlefield in September, Russia recently returned its focus to bombing civilian infrastructure far from the front lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians without power, heat, or water as winter approaches. Little hope for negotiation exists under the current circumstances, promising to extend the loss of lives and livelihoods across the country well into the new year.

Since Russian troops first invaded Ukraine in February 2002, GeoPoll has been collecting data to monitor the situation on the ground using our Mobile Web survey platform. They published a series of reports in March and June 2022 detailing up-to-the-minute results from the surveys. Their interactive dashboard tracker continues to display the full results, including responses to most survey questions filterable by region, age group, and gender, as well as trends over time.

In this post, they highlight key changes in the data over the past few months and detail the results from several new survey questions that have been added since the last report.