Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response to Support the Influx of Refugees from Ukraine

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Date published
02 Aug 2023
Impact evaluation
Conflict, violence & peace, Peacebuilding, Recovery and Resillience, Peace and Justice Strong Institutions (SDG)

The Evaluation of UNICEF's response to the outflow of children and women affected by the emergency in Ukraine is expected to have a strong learning purpose on several fronts:

Providing relevant and integrated data, both operationally and programmatically into UNICEF's response to the evolving crisis;

Informing the planning and direction of ongoing efforts in the establishment and implementation of the response in the short and medium-term; and Producing lessons that will be useful and applicable outside of the countries directly involved, as needed.

The Evaluation will strengthen UNICEF's accountability to the affected populations, particularly children and women, as well as partners and stakeholders supporting the overall response. The Evaluation is expected to produce actionable recommendations on how to strengthen ongoing efforts in providing support to refugee children and women through the UNICEF response in coordination with host governments and other key stakeholders, as well as provide lessons on how to improve future preparedness, response, and planning in dealing with the influx of people seeking assistance during an armed conflict.